Fourth Quarter 2014

Wow! Wow! Wow! This September we celebrated 5 years of ministry, Awesome!

None of this could be possible without your help. Your friends and families at Esperanza are very appreciative for all the support they have received throughout the years.

Just imagine not knowing what this ministry could become and trusting God for all new things. So many lives touched, so many challenges which could not come without awesome outcomes and changes in the lives of those who have been part of this ministry in one way or the other.

Thank you to all the volunteers from Central Moravian church, the monetary and prayers support from our faithful supporters. For all who came and joined us in worship.

For the support we received for our school supplies ministries and funding support from Schoeneck Moravian, Nazareth Moravian, and Palmer Moravian church. For our canned goods, our healthy food ministry supported by College Hill Moravian church and The Moravian Academy. The craft ministries from Calvary Moravian Church. For the funding received from BAM (Bethlehem Area Moravian) and other Moravian churches ministries in order for our kids to go to camp. This year we hope to send at least 24 kids to camp hope. It all depends on the funding we receive.

We want to thank all of our volunteer tutors from Central Moravian church who have been with our kids for at least 2 years and are still with us. Thanks to all the students from The Moravian Academy who have felt the call to come and help our kids with their homework.

We want to thank the faithful members of St. John Windish Lutheran Church for coming on board and providing a meal and other support every week for our kids. We especially would like to take this time to thank Pastor Suzanne M. Trump, the new pastor at St. John Windish for all her prayers and support.

We would also want to thank the Zedar family for providing a Thanksgiving meal for the 3rd year consecutively to our families, and to the faithful group at Target department store # 2536 for doing the same for another year. Thanksgiving was a blast!

Thanks to the leaders from the Community Action Development Corporation of Bethlehem for joining us, in providing an evening called “Neighbors Night out” to get to meet members of this community.

This year we have been blessed with another member to our leadership team. We would like to introduce you to our own Moravian Theological student, Pastora Mandy Mastros who will be with us for a year.

Hello everyone! My name is Mandy Mastros and I am a student at Moravian Theological Seminary here in Bethlehem and also at Marywood University in Center Valley. I am studying to be a Moravian Pastor with a social worker background. I am very excited that I will be serving at Esperanza as a student pastor for the next year. My school program will require me to do 2 years of student pastor placements in Moravian Churches, and 2 years of social work placements. I am doing the first year of those placements at Esperanza. I think I can learn a lot about how ministry and community service and outreach go hand in hand by actively participating in what is happening here.

For this year I have certain goals and assignments that I need to do, and I am looking forward to working together with many of you to accomplish them. Over the next few months, I will be helping Pastor Rhonda to teach Sunday school. I will also be helping in worship in different ways; I will preach once a month, and I will helping with some music leadership. Sometimes I will lead the prayers or read the scriptures or bring the announcements. I will also be helping Pastors Tracy and Rhonda with gathering and sorting important contact information for membership and ministry purposes, and will help out with other office type responsibilities. I will be filling in here and there with tutoring and helping in music classes sometimes and other special events that will be coming up. I will meet with Pastors Tracy and Rhonda each week, and will meet with a few members at Esperanza once a month to talk about how things are going. I look forward to being part of the church family at Esperanza and working with you to show God’s Love in ministry together.

Since we are already getting to the closing of another year, we know that time is running out for us to get ready for our Christmas events, because of our continuous growth and the various needs in this community, we would need as much prayer and support as you can provide.

One of the greatest needs we still have, is to be able to provide healthy food for our kids during their time at Esperanza. We do feed over 100 kids during the week, from Monday to Thursday and on special events on Friday’s, and the group and the need is getting larger. We also do provide spiritual food, but our kids are very hungry for physical food. After their time at school, our kids come in very hungry and tired. So we try to give them a snack if possible and then a meal at 5:30 pm. As we already mentioned, our kids at times go home to no food in their pantry, or just enough to snack on at breakfast the next day.

This coming year is going to be filled with challenges as the group continues to grow. We need to be prepared for a larger group of kids, mostly members of Esperanza and their friends, who will come through our doors. There are at least 50 kids who are part of our church family, and then there are those friends and other relatives who come with them to our events. We estimate that we will have an average of 30 to 80 kids in the building at any time during our programs in 2015. This is amazing!

Every day when we come to Esperanza we get to meet new families coming to ask for homework help for their kids, music classes and English classes for themselves.
The most urgent need is for more tutors to help our kids with homework.

Before we close this newsletter, we would like to thank all the Moravian Churches in the Lehigh Valley and all other Moravian Churches in the United States, the Lutheran Churches, especially St. John Windish Lutheran Church, The First Presbyterian Church in Bethlehem, and all other organizations and community groups who have come to the aid of our families. No ministry can do work by itself and no ministries should. It is a community effort. I thank God for all of you.

Please give Pastora Rhonda Bent Robinson and myself a call if you feel that you can help us in anything, from: Tutoring, computer classes, music classes, food, VBS, camp, fall festival, etc.

Thank you! Gracias! Have an awesome Christmas, and a Blessed New Year!

Together We Serve,
Pastors Tracy & Rhonda Robinson

“Dear children let us not love with words or tongue but with action and in truth.” 1 John 3:18


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